New blogs and old blogs

I've been getting increasingly fascinated with the world of web series for quite a while now. It feels that this area is the centre of such a huge amount of creative energy at the moment that it wouldn't make any sense to ignore it. On this blog I have written a few posts highlighting some of my favourite series, but recently I haven't felt that was the right vehicle to explore this world in. There are many reasons for this.

Course Profiles: Not the Edublog Award Winner!

Top educational blogger Stephen Downes has compiled his own list of who he feels should have been Edublog winners, and our very own Course Profiles application in Facebook gets his vote for Best educational use of a social networking service.

New look for the blog

Redesigned the site using for a more modern look. Admittedly brown and red was not a good colour scheme! I'm using the Sky theme which has been contributed to the Drupal community. One day I will create my own theme, possibly starting with the Zen theme as a good starting point.

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