New blogs and old blogs

I've been getting increasingly fascinated with the world of web series for quite a while now. It feels that this area is the centre of such a huge amount of creative energy at the moment that it wouldn't make any sense to ignore it. On this blog I have written a few posts highlighting some of my favourite series, but recently I haven't felt that was the right vehicle to explore this world in. There are many reasons for this.

My blog has traditionally been about gadgets, computing and social media, posts purely about content have sat a little awkwardly in this mix. The whole format of blogging hasn't felt exactly right either for what I was trying to achieve. Instead I've ended up with lists of good series, but they do not necessarily link to each other very well. Blogging can also be quite time consuming and fitting in that time could be awkward so this meant it took a while to get round to writing about series, which was less than ideal.

Introducing teleremix

It just so happened that I had been sitting on a domain name that seemed perfect for a new project. It was originally intended for something entirely different, but for a blog about web series "teleremix" seemed like a perfect name and I started to think about what I would like to do differently this time. What I have gone for is a format with very short posts. Each post will only be about one web series with a paragraph or two explaining what it is and why it got my attention. Very short posts would allow for regular updates, I am aiming for a couple a week.

Something else I am doing differently this time is to use a hosted platform rather than something that I host myself. After thinking about the format the perfect choice was obvious: Tumblr. Millions of people around the world already use Tumblr to record creative items they find interesting. It is also used quite extensively by web series creators so I would be able to write my blog and follow some shows in the same space. It also lends itself perfectly to the type of short post that I am planning to do. Crucially it would be a contrast project to this blog making it a whole new experience to enjoy.

Tumblr also provide great apps so I can easily create a short post from my mobile phone. They have a feature where other tumblr users can follow you and subscribe easily to your updates. This is a very useful mechanism as it is often difficult to keep up to date with posts in Twitter (posts go by too fast) and of course RSS is a bit worse off after the demise of Google Reader. It also means I can get a lot of good experience of social media in a different domain.

Life is too short for bad technology (or bad web series)

So this blog will go back to being more technically focussed and I will try to do a post at least every month about my technological adventures (I have a lot of ideas, plus I have been exploring a lot of technology since I changed jobs just over a year ago). There is a lot of amazing technology to explore and so much to talk about.

So I hope you follow my new blog at and keep following this blog. I'm very excited about the new blog and the future for this blog. It is a very interesting time to be into technology and media.