Web TV Highlights no.3

It may not be trendy to say it, but I like watching television, but it has to be interesting television. Some of it I watch over the air in the traditional way, some of it on the web where many fine series are to be found. So here is the third in my series of posts about web series that I have been watching. It is amazing to see the variety of content on offer and all of the people who want to tell their stories, these are just a few of them.

The Russian Spy

I love the idea behind this. Faleena Hopkins' The Russian Spy is about a character who has acquired the ability to read minds. Despite this she isn't that great at her job often being distracted by a break up with her ex boyfriend and a temper! She also doesn't really like killing people, which is unhelpful sometimes.

The Inn

I am not entirely sure what this series is about but hopefuly all will become clear soon! Steve Silverman's The Inn follows the adventures of a woman whose car breaks down in a small town in rural America. The town is full of rather weird characters who contribute to a spooky setting for this drama. The owner of the Inn probably isn't about to be awared an NVQ in customer service, instead warning the main character against setting foot in the back yard. What goes on there? Well the series is still running, so we will all just have to wait and see. Sharp eyed viewers will no doubt spot some of the cast of DeVanity in episode one.

Often Awesome: The series

It is not often that the word "awesome" is justified, but this is one such occasion. Often Awesome documents the late Tim LaFollette's battle with Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) better known as motor neurone disease here in the UK and Lou Gehrig's disease in the US. The ending of this series is tragically inevitable, but it serves as a reminder of just how amazing the human spirit can be. The series documents not only Tim's struggle condition but the love story between himself and his wife Kaylan. There is no cure as yet for the disease and the series, as Tim was himself, is brutally honest about what sufferers go through and what their lives are like. In such circumstances many would feel helpless, but their friends and family do an amazing job of gathering round and doing everything they can to help. We get many reminders of just how wonderful human beings can be to each other which is too easy to forget sometimes.

Tim is often shown expressing a lot of determination to raise awareness of ALS and hopefully encouraging medical companies to work towards a cure. The series is a great way to spread this awareness, I live thousands of miles from where he did and yet I have heard his story, now you can too. A great blog post explaining more about the series by the producers is here: Wrapping up Often Awesome The Series. Thanks to my Georgina Parsons for telling me about it.


A bit of sci-fi drama now with Abigail, a lady who turns out to be some sort of robot. This is a very enjoyable series, polished and well made. It is currently running so it will be interesting to see how this story develops!

The Actress Diaries

This is a comedy about a couple of waitresses who want to break into acting. The Actress Diaries follows their mishaps, comical auditions and adventures and is great fun. Will they make it into acting? Not likely!

I am Tim: A Monster of a Documentary

I am Tim is a British web series set in York. Tim is a monster hunter who works tirelessly to make the streets of the city free from scary monsters, stopping occasionally for a cup of tea.

If you've seen a good web series, let me know in the comment below. Happy viewing!