Do you watch or listen to podcasts from the Internet on your TV?

22% (13 votes)
78% (45 votes)
Total votes: 58


I'm including here any use of Boxee or similar software to connect your computer to the TV.

There is software now available to enable your PS3 to watch podcasts, and RSS feeds. It is called "Playon" or "Media Mall". I have been using it for a few weeks and even though it is a work in progress it does work. I have my PS3 networked to my computer and the Playon software is on the computer and shows up on the network to the PS3. It allows Hulu, Crackle, Youtube, ESPN, CBS and many many more sources to run smoothly on the PS3. And like they do in the Boxee link, you can add RSS feeds and Boxee feeds and create and add your own OPML files.-FYI

Personally, I'm happy to separate active, online spaces from passive offline spaces. For me, consuming (as opposed to producing) media is all about vegging out, so I don't want to be doing it online. Online is brain in gear mode. Offline is TV, sofa, family and a glass of something alcoholic.

I don't have a TV and I prefer my internet to be 2 way. I have started watch things on youtube but only on my iphone.

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