Blogging Directly from OpenOffice 3

Just trying out the Sun Weblog Publisher extension for OpenOffice 3 to see if it works. As you will know, OpenOffice 3 was not included in Ubuntu 8.10 as it was released too late for their release schedule, however it is possible to upgrade using these instructions on Softpedia. Installing the extension was quite simple, I just downloaded the extension (which was free) and then in OpenOffice went to Tools → Package Manager → Add found the extension waited for it to install. The extension should then be listed in the extensions manager with an “Options” button (a bit like Add-Ons in Mozilla Firefox), this will open a dialogue to enable you to put in the settings for your blog.

Edit: So the paragraph above came from OpenOffice, alas the images did not automatically upload (but that is not a terrible problem), also I could not set tags. However when you publish a post from OOO3 is does offer you as an option to send as a draft, so I could write most of a post, get the links right and then just tidy it up online. Pretty useful stuff I think, and it does mean you can compose most of your post offline and enjoy the features of OOO.

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