Boxee makes your TV social

In many houses the TV and broadband line can be found only inches apart and in most cases no connection is yet made. The Internet had the power to bring about a revolution in the choice of programming available, instead of scheduled streams of programming that we have no control over we will be able to pick and chose what we want to watch from thousands of producers.

Getting Open University Podcasts on your TV with MythStream

Christmas is upon us once again and inevitably many people will be thinking about what to enjoy on television as they recover from all of that food and drink!

Get High Definition TV today with Miro

If you have treated yourself to a High Definition (HD) TV the chances are you aren't using it to its full capability. According to a recent report in The Register, only 1.7% of Western European households have the equipment necessary to receive HD broadcasts, and these consist of only a handful of channels.


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