Arch Linux and desktop adventures with the Raspberry Pi

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It turns out that the Raspberry Pi is capable of quite a lot. I have had mine for a couple of weeks now and have been exploring what it can do, as well as taking the opportunity to broaden my knowledge (after all it is a device intended for educational use). I have been exploring desktop, server and set top box uses (the latter two I will cover in future posts) for the hardware and it has been a very interesting experience. After using the Debian image for a few days I got frustrated with the old versions of software in the Debian repositories. Don't get me wrong I admire and respect Debian greatly but for cutting edge stuff it can be a challenge. I tried to use a technique known as Apt pinning to enable installation from different branches. This worked and enabled me to do quite a lot, but I felt that maybe it was time to try a different approach so I decided to try out the Arch Linux ARM image.

A Launch Party for Firefox that showed Mozilla provides inspiration as well as browsers

The winning Firefox 4 T-shirt designOutside a trendy workspace in London's Kings Cross on Thursday 21st April, a man in a fox costume ushers people greets people on their way to celebrate the launch of Firefox 4. Inside people are wearing party hats, enjoying decorated cupcakes and proudly wearing Mozilla T-Shirts in a good reminder to us all that open source software is something that we should both advocate and celebrate as a great opportunity. During the evening we get treated to some great presentations that show off what the latest version of Mozilla Firefox is capable of and also how HTML5 technology will redefine our expectations of what a web browser can do. However, there is much more to Mozilla than Firefox.

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