Getting Flock, Firefox or IE7 to discover the search on your Drupal site

You may have noticed that modern browsers have a facility to discover search engines on sites and add them to their browser search bar. Flock also shows you what content it has autodiscovered on a site by highlighting various buttons. You may also have noticed that these buttons do nothing when somebody visits your Drupal powered site. Well don't worry this is very easy to fix.

Flock content discovery buttons

reCaptcha, Drupal and a Proxy: A way to make it all work together

If you are running a site that is powered by Drupal you might want to take some precautions against spam being posted to your site, particularly if you allow comments. A useful way to stop such automated submissions is to use the reCaptcha system which allows you to generate a CAPTCHA and help digitise books at the same time.


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