OU FirstClass Client on Linux

Kubuntu 7.10 now includes WINE in the 64 bit version, a very welcome addition. WINE is a project to implement the Windows API in Linux, meaning that many Windows programs can run at native speeds on Linux. This is not an emulator, so memory and resource usage tends to be lighter.

First impressions of Kubuntu 7.10

Wow! From the look of this thing you would be forgiven for thinking the Kubuntu team have spent six months spitting and polishing this fine operating system to make it a really smooth user experience. I have just installed the 64bit version onto my aging Acer laptop and it has taken remarkably little time to get everything up and running.

New Facebook Application: Course Profiles

Welcome to my first ever blog post! There is a fair chance you are here because you have been reading Prof. Martin Weller's blog post about the new Course profiles application that we have been developing to enable OU students to share with their friends on Facebook.


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