What bad things people do in SecondLife

Found this list of bad things people get up to in SecondLife:
Second Life | Community: Police Blotter
Offences like "illegal roulette table" and "illegal slot machines" make it on the list along with verbal abuse and harassment and "shooting a Linden". Interesting to see what sort of things go on in a virtual world and what penalties are handed out. Seeing some of the offences though makes me wonder, will you ever get run down no go areas in a virtual world?

Getting Flock, Firefox or IE7 to discover the search on your Drupal site

You may have noticed that modern browsers have a facility to discover search engines on sites and add them to their browser search bar. Flock also shows you what content it has autodiscovered on a site by highlighting various buttons. You may also have noticed that these buttons do nothing when somebody visits your Drupal powered site. Well don't worry this is very easy to fix.

Flock content discovery buttons

Flock and Flash on Kubuntu 7.10 64bit

[This method also works for Kubuntu 8.04 64 bit and Flock 1.1 - see the update at the end of this post]

This turned out to be easier than I thought! First you need to get the deb file from getdeb.net and install it manually it manually:
sudo dpkg -i flock_1.0-5~getdeb1_amd64.deb

reCaptcha, Drupal and a Proxy: A way to make it all work together

If you are running a site that is powered by Drupal you might want to take some precautions against spam being posted to your site, particularly if you allow comments. A useful way to stop such automated submissions is to use the reCaptcha system which allows you to generate a CAPTCHA and help digitise books at the same time.

Discovering new music with last.fm

There comes a time, probably when you have heard James Blunt for the thirteenth time in the space of a couple of hours, that you start wondering if there is a better way to discover new music that you might like. Fortunately there is an answer, an answer that has been around for some time now it is last.fm which offers you the chance to discover new artists that you might like based on your existing taste.

A marriage made in heaven? Facebook meets mobile.

I can hear the thuds on the floor as the "I just don't get it" brigade become overloaded by Facebook's announcement that it is extending the ways in which applications can integrate with their mobile platform. They are even opening up methods for sending SMSs. Facebook has been a runaway success as has text messaging. Up to now if you write an application for Facebook you lose members of your audience when they.. well, go out. Now you can interact with them wherever they are.


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